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Restorative Practice Kirklees – An introduction (Virtual Session)

This introductory workshop delivered via Microsoft Teams is for anyone who works with citizens of Kirklees in either a paid or voluntary role.

In Kirklees we are aiming to develop a restorative approach to all that we do, so that we work with people rather than doing things to them or for them. 

This workshop will provide some information and some reflective time to talk and think about restorative practice and what it might mean for you.

To explain the Four ways of Being and relate these to levels of challenge and support.

To recognise the importance of building connections and community and how circles are one of the tools used to do this.

To identify the components of a fair process, and the features of restorative language.

Please click on the link below to book your place:

Restorative Practice Kirklees - An introduction (virtual session)

29 Jun 2020

Kirklees Restorative and Relational Practice Team
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