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New Guidance for Parents and Schools on Ofsted Inspections Under New Framework

This week, Ofsted has released guides on what parents and schools can expect from new inspections. It details what schools can expect before, during and after inspection and how parents and schools can share their views with the inspectorate.


Of note for governors and trustees, the guidance states that the “inspection team will explain its judgements to the senior leadership team and those responsible for the governance of the school” and that “the school should invite all those responsible for the governance of the school to hear the feedback”. In terms of documentation, the guidance also states that Ofsted inspectors will want to see “the current school improvement plan or equivalent, including any planning that sets out the longer-term vision for the school, such as the school or the trust’s strategy” as well as “any reports from external evaluation of the school, including any review of governance or use of the pupil premium funding”.

06 Sep 2019

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