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Risk Management
We aim to provide schools with a comprehensive range of insurance cover to meet your statutory responsibilities on the most economically advantageous terms
The Risk Management & Insurance team is a small dedicated team with a wealth of experience in insurance, risk and legal matters. We provide specialist advice for all your insurance requirements.
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Testing and Contact Tracing - Update from Public Health
29 May
Testing and Contact Tracing - Update from Public Health Further to the discussion in the Physical, Environmental and Ancillary Services Working Group regarding the robustness of contact tracing locally…… • Individuals will access a test using the same mechanisms that have been in place for a number of weeks • If an individual tests positive, they will receive a call from someone at the National Contact Tracing Service who will ask them questions to ascertain who they have been in contact with. This team will then contact those individuals who will also need to be tested and given advice according to current guidance. • We have systems in place locally that ensures that we become aware of any clusters in Kirklees, which will trigger the usual Outbreak Management protocols. These protocols and systems have been in place for many years, and the IPC team are extremely experienced in dealing with outbreaks. • Measures will then be put into place to control these outbreaks as and when (and if) they occur
Update from GOV.UK – Providing free school meals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
29 May
Update from GOV.UK – Providing free school meals during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Please follow link Page summary: Guidance for schools and local authorities on free school meals arrangements during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak . Change made: Updated information about providing meals for pupils attending school, the national voucher scheme and providing meals or food parcels through your food provider. Time updated 6:52pm, 28 May 2020
Update from GOV.UK – Recording attendance during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak
29 May
Update from GOV.UK – Recording attendance during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak Please follow link Page summary: What educational settings will need to do when recording attendance after the wider reopening of schools from 1 June 2020. Change made: Added new guidance and updated the further guidance to reflect the changes in how attendance should be recorded following the reopening of some schools from 1 June. Removed the spreadsheet tool and video tutorial. Time updated 5:59pm, 28 May 2020
Update from GOV.UK – Help children aged 2 to 4 to learn at home during coronavirus (COVID-19)
29 May
Update from GOV.UK – Help children aged 2 to 4 to learn at home during coronavirus (COVID-19) Please follow link Page summary: Advice for parents and carers of early years children who have not yet started school. Change made: Updated guidance to include information on mental health and wellbeing. Time updated 5:59pm, 28 May 2020
Head of Outcomes - Children and Young People
29 May
Head of Outcomes - Children and Young People Dear Colleagues, I am writing to inform you that Harkireet Sohel (Head of Outcomes: Children and Young People) has been successful in obtaining a new post as a Vice Principal in a Secondary School from September. Given the need for us to put in place a leadership structure that will support schools through the current difficult times, and as we prepare for the new Academic Year, I have agreed with Harkireet that his current responsibilities will cease as from June 1st. I will be writing separately regarding the new structures that will be in place shortly. I would like to wish Harkireet well for the future in his new role. Kind regards Jo Jo-Anne Sanders Service Director for Learning and Early Support
PPE emergency supply and delivery
29 May
PPE emergency supply As part of the on-going support to schools; all educational settings will be provided with the following PPE for use if a child/young person becomes unwell with symptoms of Covid-19: • IIR fluid resistant face masks • Aprons • Medium and large gloves • Disposable goggles The above equipment is for emergencies situations where possibly first aid has to be administered and should not be used for routine care. Replacement of this equipment should be via your normal procurement routes. We are aiming to deliver this equipment today (29 May) and Monday (1 June). Can you please try and ensure someone is available at your school to take delivery of this equipment.
Handwashing - Supplies
29 May
Handwashing - Supplies For schools re-opening or increasing your pupil attendance next week, it is important to ensure that you have the necessary supplies. Handwashing remains an essential measure to control the spread of coronavirus. You should continue to place orders for hygiene and cleaning supplies as you normally would, ensuring you maintain an appropriate stock level. YPO for example are replenishing stock continuously and do now have some availability of items such as soap and handwash. It is worth checking with your usual supplier. However, if you are struggling to restock handwash there is still a central supply available through School Asset Management which will be delivered at the first opportunity by Kirklees Document Solutions. The hand wash is anti-bacterial and comes in 500ml hand pump dispensers. Stock is limited and will be distributed sparingly but if you are running out and unable to source supplies through your normal suppliers, please do let us know. Please email your request to Schools.AssetManagement@kirklees.gov.uk or call to discuss with a member of the asset management team on 01484 225248.
Early Years - "Bubbles" and Groups
29 May
Please see attached document for guidance
Guidance Note and Risk Assessment Template
29 May
Guidance Note and Risk Assessment Template Covid-19 Risk Assessment As the lockdown is eased and people return to work employers need to carry out Covid-19 risk assessments in consultation with their workers and trade unions, to establish what guidelines to put in place. If possible, employers should publish the results of their risk assessments on their website and the government “expects” all businesses with over 50 employees to do so. The Corporate Safety Unit has developed Covid-19 risk assessment guidance note and template that advises schools how this can be achieved. For ease of description, the guidance note focuses on producing a separate risk assessment for Covid-19. It is equally valid, however, to amend existing risk assessments of activities by using the information prompted in the guidance note. Risk assessments covering exposure to Covid-19 will be different from one school to another. The purpose of the guidance is therefore to pose the questions that need to be asked so that appropriate risk assessments may be created in all service areas. Before a risk assessment is undertaken, you must first ask who is doing what and how, where they are doing it, why they are doing it and what they are using. Understanding the tasks or activities is vital to assess exposure and to qualify any subsequent control decisions. Please see attached corporate guidance and risk assessment template, and if you require any advice or support with undertaking the risk assessment for your school please do not hesitate to email the Corporate Safety Unit at IRO1.CorporateSafety@kirklees.gov.uk or call us on 01484 226457.
Peoples Services - HR FAQ's updated 29-05-2020
29 May
The attached HR FAQ's have been updated. Changes made: Advice on federated schools – page 4 Advice on Union correspondence and employees refusing to come in to school to work – page 5. We understand that some of you are receiving communications from members of staff advising that that they will not be attending work because of health and safety concerns. We have added FAQ’s on page 4 and 5 addressing such issues including the following advice in particular: : You should ensure that you have shared the risk assessment with all your staff as well as the trade unions. It may be advisable to familiarise yourself with the Joint Union Risk Assessment link. It is essential that you engage with staff and unions alike, listening to their concerns and working with them to put assurances/measures in place regarding a safe workplace, including any individual measures relating to personal circumstances. Until this has taken place and all reasonable attempts have been explored to resolve outstanding concerns, we need to ensure that employees, in particular those who have submitted formal letters of concern regarding coming in to school to work, are not disadvantaged by any loss of pay or disciplinary action. Please speak to HR in such cases. Also please note: As part of the risk assessment process for reopening schools, if Heads believe they have made all reasonable attempts to resolve any health and safety concerns raised directly by staff or the trade unions, and they believe that the place of work (including any adjustments made to reflect individual circumstances) is a safe environment for staff and children, then they are within their right to open the school and to consider withholding pay for any staff who unreasonably refuse to attend work.
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Training & Events

03 Jun
Effective Monitoring through Governor Visits
Advice and guidance on how to make the most of visits to school Visits to School booklet with guidance on planning, carrying out and reporting on a monitoring visit Example governor visit reports and case studies
08 Jun
RE Secondary Network
This will be an online meeting using Zoom. Booked participants will be advised of joining details and the meeting website reference nearer the date. It is not necessary to have a Zoom account to join the meeting.
09 Jun
MIS Team Summer User Groups
Due to the current situation we have decided not to run our MIS Team Summer User Groups in the usual way. The sessions have been cancelled and we will be providing a PowerPoint presentation and information giving full details of: RM Intelligence upgrade Parent Hub for communicating with Parents Integris Year End – key information Integris enhancements RM Integris Datashare upgrade School Workforce Census update Delegates that book on to this User Group will be sent the PowerPoint and information to their individual email address. If a school does not book on to this session, then all the documentation will also be uploaded after the 9th June to the Kirklees Business Solutions website in our MIS Team Resources section in the User Group folder. User Group Resource Path: Resources > Schools MIS Team Documents > MIS User Groups > June 2020
10 Jun
NQT Network
Virtual network aimed at NQTs in their final term of induction. Other networks available for Term 1 and Term 2 NQTs.
10 Jun
Primary Humanities Network
This network meeting will be an opportunity of Primary Subject Leaders of Humanitites subjects to: • access any relevant guidance documents produced by the LA in relation to Primary Humanities • ask questions directly to specialists • share and learn from best practice with colleagues in other Kirklees schools
11 Jun
Educational Support Network Meeting
Suitable for any Educational Support Staff such as: Teaching Assistants, HLTAs, Cover Supervisors, Learning Mentors, Behaviour Support and other Pastoral Staff.
11 Jun
Primary RE coordinators Network
This will be a virtual meeting run probably through zoom.
16 Jun
Primary Computing Network
Information on the latest developments in teaching and learning, curriculum, assessment, policy and resources Opportunity to network with colleagues Online safety updates on the latest risks to children and teaching resources This network is suitable for computing coordinators, school leaders responsible for Computing, support staff responsible for computing
22 Jun
Primary Maths Network
Ideas to support the leading of Numeracy in school Practical ideas to support the teaching and learning of Numeracy Opportunities to network with colleagues Up to date information on current issues/developments
23 Jun
Money Manager - Budget Profiling
The workshop will begin with a demonstration on how to create, enter data in a Money Manager Budget Profile datafile and produce Budget comparison reports. Delegates can either follow the demonstration or if they have access to an additional computer screen they can replicate this at the same time using their own Money Manager datafile. The tutor will respond to questions throughout. Once the initial workshop has finished delegates will then create their own schools budget profile datafile at their own pace. An additional virtual session will be offered to all participants on the 23rd June (14:00-15:00) to recap on producing Budget Monitoring reports using the Profiled Budget and ask questions (this is optional). Delegates can contact the MIS Team telephone or email helpdesk between the two sessions and any time after.